Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Who Is Not The Correct Candidate For Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is being put to rampant use by people having lot of money and desperate desire to look thinner at any cost. The bariatric surgery cost in Gurgaon is certainly high and therefore, it is essential that one must know if you are even suitable for it at the first place. A doctor may not delve deeper into your requirements and risks if you sound too confident and carefree about the procedure. So, it is your duty also to probe the bariatric doctor in Gurgaon about the relevance of the procedure in your case.

Some negligence and misinformation can result in loss of money as well as health. The bariatric surgery cost in Delhi may pinch more when you are left helpless and clueless about what to do next when the procedure does not deliver desired results. So, these are certain conditions which may not require bariatric surgery at all.

  1. You are not weighing 100 pounds or more: If you have not crossed the concern causing figure of 100 pounds, you are certainly putting yourself in unnecessary trouble. Instead of getting the body cut to lose weight, cutting on aerated drinks, oily and fatty foods, etc can prove safer and more effective for you. The regular exercising can help shed extra pounds better if you are not that big.
  2. The obesity is just due to some change in lifestyle: When you have met an accident or are put to bed rest due to high risk pregnancy, or fracture in any bone, etc., the weight gain is only due to this phase of inactivity. So, surgery is not a safe choice for getting back to shape in these cases.

So, it is better to approach a bariatric surgeon only when the obesity is life threatening and you cannot find any solution for uncontrollable weight gain.

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