Friday 20 July 2018
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The ‘Signs’ that indicates your need for Appointment with Eye Care Services

A leading U.S-based ophthalmologic institute, after conducting years of study has concluded that almost 60% of the world’s population needs vision correction in one form or the other. But the great news is that more than 80% of these cases can be successfully taken care of. So, do you think that your precious eyes need some particular attention these days? To know whether your eyes need glasses, ensure that you skim through the following pointers.

Weaker Night Vision

As you grow older, your eyes start taking more time to familiarize with the changes in dark, as well as in lighted surroundings. However, you need to resort to the eye care services if you feel that such adjustment is becoming harder than ever. For example, you might find it tedious to adjust after coming across bright, flashy lights in the highway. This might signal the fact that the muscles that assist your iris to contract and expand are weakening. Also, you might complain that you fail to see your pet in the yard. It can also become more and more difficult to drive your car. These symptoms are very common to those suffering from early cataracts.

Try the Tests

Before rushing to an ophthalmologist, you might want to do some easy tests at home to confirm that there is indeed something wrong with your eyes. You can start by conducting a book test. Stretch a book away from the eyes. Next, try to go through the texts. If you do not seem to read the book clearly, then it might be the time to resort to a specialist. You can also try doing jobs like playing cards, sewing and reading the fine prints that lie in the label of your kitchen goodies. If you feel trouble reading them with clarity, then it might be the time for you to look for glasses. You can also print an eye test chart from the computer. Next, hold it approximately 14 inches away from the eyes. Try reading it without your glasses. The very first line that you find to read difficult would correspond to the strength of length that suits you.

Double or Wavy Vision

Double visions are no joke. If you are experiencing them continuously, then it might signal at issues with your eye muscles, or more seriously, the cornea. It might indicate cataract, as well. Wavy and wobbly vision is another thing that indicates it’s time for you to resort to eye care services. Look out for symptoms or seeing distorted lines,   faded color of things, and the like. This might indicate conditions as serious as deterioration of the retina, as well as macular degeneration.

About Eyestrains and Headache

If you are suffering from sore eyes, or a constant headache on regular basis, then they might indicate a severe eye problem. You can suffer from them if you need to execute computer jobs for many hours at a stretch. So if you suffer from headaches particularly after doing any particular computer task, then do not think twice before fixing your appointment with your eye doctor.

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