Friday 20 July 2018
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Semen Analysis In Arizona Can Help In Mitigating The Risk Of Infertility

Male sperm happens to be an important part of human reproduction. For the conception to take place, it is mandatory that the sperm gets to swim hard and penetrate egg, and even transportthe current generic material. This analysis further helps in determining if a man is suffering from infertility issues and needs to get treatment soon. If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for almost a year now, mainly if the woman is above the age of 35, then there are chances that you might have to go through semen analysis practice. It is generally termed as male factor infertility testing. After checking your physical condition, the doctor will recommend the right treatment option, depending on the analysis made.

Ways in which analysis works:

This might be the first time when you are actually going for the infertility test and you don’t know anything about it. Before going for this Semen Analysis in Arizona, you are asked to ejaculate around 2 to 3 days before the appointment is held. If you have taken the sample at home, make sure that you catch it in sterile container. It is mandatory that the analysis should be completed within two hours of collection, to help bring to the doctor as soon as you can.

When taken at doctor’s office:

If the sample has been taken at doctor’s office and not at home, then you will be taken to a private room, which is secluded from other parts of the chamber and might help in relaxing your mind well. There are times when the doctors might ask for more than a sample. During that instance, the next collection might be done to the laboratory, mainly if you are covered through insurance for the said treatment. Just be sure to get through the steps as mentioned already, and everything will work just fine as asked for.

Going through the analysis:

Most of the time, couple prefers going for semen analysis at infertility center, even that turns out to be quite expensive. There is a separate masturbatorim room, where the man is asked to give his sample. The report of your Az Semen Analysis Scottsdale will talk about the volume and semen content as procured from the sample you have presented. The normal range should be within 1.5 to 5.0 milliliters. Lower volume might turn out to be a sign of obstruction in the current ejaculating ducts. The doctors will definitely try to come across a solution, if the volume of semen is not within the normal range.

Sperm count and more:

It is expected that a normal sperm count will be within a range of 70 to80 million sperm per milliliter. Men with lower sperm count can even have the capability to make women pregnant if the sperm are of proper and good quality. Overall, it is duty of the doctor to actually diagnose infertility within the said sperm count and provide you with the rightful treatments for helping you conceiving your challenge.

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