Friday 20 July 2018
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KALP Is Working To Make A Holistic Difference To The Lives Of Tribal Children

KALP Samaj Sevi Sanstha was founded in 1997, in Janjgir, Chhattisgarh, a region with a high tribal population, which is also a group with a low average age. The organization is committed to the overall development of the Adivasi youth in the state, focusing on securing this disadvantaged group their fundamental rights – to food security, to good health, and to literacy.

For India’s urban residents in the twenty-first century, these may appear to be exaggerations of poverty. Many with class and caste privileges, and with solid economic muscle, may find it difficult to imagine just how abject poverty can look like, and indeed marvel at its coexistence with the smartphones and tablets we carry around with nonchalance, the expensive dinners we have at posh restaurants to celebrate our achievements, birthdays and anniversaries, the books and magazines we read and the films we watch without stopping to think that all Indians may not have access to such instructive and entertaining material, not just for monetary constraints, but for the simple reason that they do not know how to read.

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This is where KALP seeks to intervene. They have identified a lack of teachers in Chhattisgarh’s secluded rural community, with an impractically high teacher student ratio, as the principal cause why each student does not receive adequate attention from teachers. KALP has a plan in place to petition to the state education department to recruit more teachers so the tribal children of Janjgir will have a real chance at education and bettering their lot. That apart, KALP is in the process of developing a sponsorship program for each underprivileged child in the are they operate in, and channeling funds to that child’s academic and personal development, ensuring that they stay in school, enjoy good health, and eat a nutritious diet.

The NGO’s work goes further back into the ambit of food security. Tribal children in Janjgir belong to impoverished families, and survive on a small assortment of vegetables, usually eating carbohydrate rich foods that deter hunger for long spells and provide energy without supplying much nourishment. KALP will perform livelihood intervention projects to guarantee food security for all, making provisions for this basic right to be exercised by all individuals in the area.  

To garner financial support for the projects, KALP is fundraising on crowdfunding platform Impact Guru’s website. They have hope that compassionate donors will pool funds and extend help with funds to aid those in deep and genuine need.

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