Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Difference Between IPL And Laser Hair Removal

For women, it is very important that they visit a beauty salon once in a while, because that tends to make them feel relaxed and beautiful, however, men could feel refreshed as well. If you want to know about the affordable beauty salons in Brisbane Northside, just check out the given link.

When it comes to hair removal, there are plenty of methods you might want to try out, but there is also a huge confusion between the IPL and laser hair removal method. This article will explain the difference between the two methods of hair removal.

You can always consult your doctor for the best method

Both of these treatments were available since the 90s, and they involve a light energy that is produced to absorb the dark hair pigment, damaging the hair follicle and inevitably making it unable to grow. However, the two give methods are actually quite different, yet similar at the same time.

The differences

The reason why laser hair removal is seen as a better method over IPL is because it offers much better results. The majority of those who had laser hair removal have also experienced permanent hair reduction after a couple of sessions.

  • IPL hair removal is actually cheaper but also a less effective method for reducing body hair
  • Lasers offer precision and they can select the dark and coarse hairs that will leave the skin around undamaged
  • Laser hair removal is great for large body areas
  • Lasers work and are safe for all skin colors while the IPL can cause some burns darker skin tone
  • You can adjust the Laser settings to suit your specific skin tone or color
  • Every laser pulse takes about a fraction of a second and it can get rid of several hairs simultaneously

We are all different

However, just because the laser hair removal is a method that most of us chose, does not mean that it is a method that will best work for you. Make sure to check out the effective IPL laser hair removal in Brisbane, because they offer great services.

Forget about razor bumps and other issues, because laser hair removal leaves your skin smooth

The main difference between the two methods that are used to reduce hair growths is mainly the technology behind them. Both of them use different techniques to generate the light as well as different properties that the light will be used under. This all depends on the method you choose to have done.

Other ways of hair removal

If both of these methods do not work for your skin for whatever reason, do not forget all the old-school ways of hair removal, though they are not permanent. For your face, using tweezers is the safest and easiest way to get rid of unwanted hair, because you can be precise and you can take the hair out from the root.

When it comes to larger areas of your body, you can always use an electric shaver or a razor to remove them. However, this way you are simply cutting the hairs as short as you can, and this will leave you smooth for about 3-4 days before the hairs start growing again.

Final word

It is always the best option to go to a cosmetic clinic and let them do a proper job of removing your hairs. This is because they are professionals who know what they are doing, and they will do a good job, without damaging your body. In addition, you can just lay there and not do anything as you have your hairs removed.

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