Tuesday 14 August 2018
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What are the benefits of glasses and contact lenses?

Contact lenses are generally described as devices with a dioptric force that are placed on the eye to compensate for its optical imperfections. Sometimes used for healing or aesthetic purposes.

Why wear contact lenses?

With contact lenses, it is possible to achieve the maximum vision in the presence of refractive anomalies and an alternative version of the glasses.

The most common reason for the use of contact lenses is the convenience and advantages over glasses in certain activities: sport, some professions (actors, military), etc. Contact lenses provide maximum vision and wide field of vision.

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How to choose the right Glasses or contact lenses?

Glasses remain the gold standard for correction of refractive anomalies. Patients who wear contact lenses should also have eyeglasses, and the most sensible are their alternation. Contact lenses facilitate patients in most of their activities, but they require reasonable wear and care for good ocular hygiene. Some eye conditions and illnesses necessitate the daily wear of contact lenses: keratoconus, aniridia, after congenital cataract surgery, etc.

What are the advantages of contact lenses?

  • fit directly onto the eyeball and are therefore almost inconspicuous;
  • the absence of a frame allows for a wider field of view, i.e one sees the greater part of the surrounding space;
  • in patients with high myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, eye contact with eyeglasses is improved;
  • the objects are very close to their natural size (high-sighted glasses reduce the image and increase it for high distances);
  • do not dampen and smelt in bad weather;
  • no glare occurs.

What are the benefits of glasses?

  • the frame of the glasses is often an aesthetic accessory, and according to the established images it is also a sign of “reading”;
  • glasses, especially when they are bigger and not completely transparent, cleverly mask aesthetic defects;
  • no special care is required to keep them and their wearing does not pose a risk of any infection.

What types of contact lenses are available?

Depending on the material from which the contact lenses are made, they are (in general) divided into soft and rigid. (There are also intraocular lenses – they compensate the optical system of the eye for cataract removal and are not the subject of this text.)

The hard contact lenses were originally created, and in some cases, they remained the better or the only solution for some specific eye conditions and diseases. They require a longer initial adaptation, smaller in diameter, and easier to handle.

As a summary, the contact lenses are a great choice for vision correction and a perfect fit for active people who wish to live a life without limits.

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