Tuesday 14 August 2018
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9 Tips to Follow While Curling Your Hair

Your hair remains your pride and as such, proper care should be taken to maintain it while keeping it in a state of calm for it to grow out. There are however some beauty procedures which are capable of harming your natural hair. For persons who chose hair treatments with keratin, it is especially important to pay attention to some of the hair care products and materials which goes into the hair. In this article, we will be discussing some of the tips to follow when curling your hair to avoid damage to it.

  • Curling Tip 1:

Perhaps the most important tip to consider when curling your hair is the choice of iron size. Be sure to choose the right iron size and material to achieve the best healthy and shiny look without harming your hair.

  • Curling Tip 2:

While it is good to get your hair all curly and beautiful, the right heat for your hair type is most essential. The heat applied to your natural hair depends on the texture and how curly you want it to turn out. For those who chose hair treatments with keratin, you should set the heat on the curling wand to meet the optimum conditions for your hair.

Persons with healthy, color treated or weak hair should make sure to choose low heat which is aimed at avoiding burns. Others with string hair can go up a notch at about 200 to 300 degrees to get the desired curl.

  • Curling Tip 3:

Another important tip is to be sure of the material your curling want is made of. Most cases, this should be considered before settling for a curling wand to use. Curling wands are generally made from different material types including Ceramic and tourmaline irons, Hydro Silk Tourmaline Ceramic, Gold and Titanium irons, Chrome irons. All these materials however affect the result of the curls and as such it is important to factor this into your decisions. People who chose hair treatments with keratin (such as the volume bundle here: are advised to pick the Ceramic and tourmaline irons which are the safest choice.

  • Curling Tip 4:

Before curling your hair, it is important to prepare it and get it ready for the process. Either you are patronizing professionals for the job, or doing it at home, there is the need to wash and condition your hair especially when your hair is naturally oily and limp. Additionally, you may need to apply thermal heat protection to prevent heat damage to your hair. To make the curls come out fine, you should also apply a strong-hold mousse on your roots then blow dry it till it is completely dry.

  • Curling Tip 5: 

For persons with thick, non-oily hair, it is advised that you do not wash your hair before curling it. However, you may need to apply dry shampoo to the hair for an extra lift along with heat protection to avoid getting your hair burned.

  • Curling Tip 6:

For a glam curl, it is important to adopt the divide and conquer technique which requires you to divide your hair into several sections, comb it and roll over a curling wand after applying the desired hair product for hold.

  • Curling Tip 7:

It is important to note that you should never curl your hair with the curling wand when the hair is wet.

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