Sunday 21 January 2018
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5 Common Myths of Hair Loss that Everyone Should Know

Myths always make a man confuse that must be clear in order to know the actual benefits of the thing, especially when we talk about hair and hair loss. The hair loss problem generally occurs due to the disease of Androgenic alopecia that is a genetic one and transferred from either parent to their offspring. This is one of the most considerable subjects associated with the loss and their cure with the option of hair transplant, an only permanent option to get back the original hair. The hair transplant in India has many advantages that help the patient started from the consultation till the surgical procedure with the expert Surgeon supervision and the best technology and technical support in order to meet the aesthetic goal of the hair transplant procedure.

There is a sea of rumors associated with the hair loss and a patient can mislead by those myths if they are suspected of the genetic hair loss or Androgenic alopecia. It is mandatory to know the actual cause of hair loss and you must know that what exactly is happening under the hood. So, it is better to consult the Doctor/Surgeon in order to know the actual cause and go ahead towards the solution.

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Here we are listing the 5 prevalent Myths associated with Hair Loss are as follows:

  1. Genes for Hair Loss come only from the Maternal side

It is not correct! Scientifically it is a fact that the inheritance from the mother’s side is slightly stronger, but the Androgenic alopecia or genetic hair loss is transferred from either parent and both father and mother can be genetically responsible for presenting the genetic hair loss.

  1. Male Pattern Baldness occurs due to a high level of Testosterone

This is a myth as there is no scientific evidence and same as that of the pitch of voice and size of hand affected by the genes. DHT or Di-Hydro Testosterone is only responsible for hair loss as the hormone affects the sensitive hair follicles of scalp and hair loss occur, but it doesn’t mean that the Testosterone and their higher level only causes the hair loss. If the increased level of Testosterone was the reason behind baldness, then all of one’s body hair should be expected to disappear as well. The baldness occurs due to the DHT-sensitive hair follicles of the scalp, especially from the top, front and the mid-crown portion except for the back & sides of the scalp and causes the roots to get miniaturized and eventually disappear.

  1. Hair Loss occurs due to the Decreased blood flow to the Scalp

The decreased blood flow to the scalp actually is a result of hair loss and occurs when the hair loss has already affected the hair follicles to shed off. The blood supply or blood flow is needed for the hair to grow and it is continuously in the inflow situation when the hair roots are in a growing phase, but once the hair loss occurred the blood flow to scalp gets to stop and doesn’t supply the blood to the scalp area.

  1. Only Men Suffer from Genetic Hair Loss

No, it is not like that! The problem of genetic hair loss or Androgenic alopecia affects both men and women. The Medical data says that around 40% of women are affected by the genetic hair loss and significant hair thinning throughout their lifetime. So, saying like this that genetic hair loss only affects men is not correct!

  1. Hair Loss is caused by clogged pores

The clogged pores never ever are a cause of hair loss. The clogged pores cause the acne on the skin, but cannot be a factor behind the hair loss. The clogged pores should not be counted as a factor for hair loss.


On the whole, we can say that the problem of hair loss should be understood with fact and the reason behind it in order to get the best medical treatment for hair loss. A hair transplant is only a final option if the hair loss occurs as the procedure is able to restore the original hair back from the patient’s own scalp.


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