Monday 19 March 2018
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Managing time for exercise in your schedule

Time management is the key to success. Everything and anything you do; management of time counts. You have to mange time to do exercises while you are busy with your routine office work. You can go to to know about the exercises which could be done easily while following the busy office schedule.

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General exercises to keep you fit in your busy schedule

  • If you have to go to pick up the morning paper from your bed room to the gate then go with a fast pace and come back with same pace.
  • If you can go then go to your office walking. If it will not burn extra fat then at least it will not allow extra fat to accumulate on your waist line.
  • You can use your bicycle to do small household works or going for a shopping to nearby store, either go by walk or use bicycle to go.
  • You can go for 10 minutes of jumping exercise which is going to help you burn some extra fat of your body.
  • If your office has stairs then it is better to take stairs instead of going by the elevator.

Fitness Exercise is very important for the fitness of the body and selection of right gears for doing exercises is also important. It is found that the person who is doing workout wearing full exercise gear does better than the one who does the workout with incomplete or in sufficient gears. It could be related to psychology as brain starts preparing for exercises as you start dressing up for the workout. Selection of right sporting bra, a good sporting top and a body hugging leggie with right pair of shoes gives you the right thrust and morale booster to do the exercises with full vigor and vitality.

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