Monday 19 March 2018
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Benefits of Netball for Children

Obesity in children has become an increasing problem and in turn has highlighted the importance of how health and fitness should be a top priority for all. When children are active from an early age, they are much more likely to stay active as they get older – and as well as the obvious health benefits of staying active, sports such as netball also bring many other positive aspects.

Numerous studies have shown us that involvement in sports can have a huge impact on a child’s psychological and social well-being, at the same time as providing them with valuable life skills. Today we are going to be discussing just one of the beneficial sports, netball, listing just some of the advantages that it offers. Keep on reading to discover why you should encourage your children to get involved in netball tours

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Netball Benefits for Kids

Social benefits – Netball is a team sport and therefore provides children with great opportunities to meet new friends whilst learning how to work with other people. Netball requires people to attack, defend and score goals; this can assist in enabling children to improve both their social and verbal skills.

Physical benefits – Like a multitude of other sporting activities, netball requires players to run, sprint and move around – providing them with a great cardiovascular workout which improves their overall fitness and increases their flexibility and strength. When playing netball children’s fitness improves gradually overtime, and it won’t take you long for you to notice the difference.

Coordination benefits – When playing netball players are required to pass the ball to members of their own team using a range of different techniques, they also have to be attentive so that they can jump to catch passes that their teammates make to them. Every pass and every catch requires and develops good hand-eye coordination, which children can transfer into other aspects of their lives going forward.

Team benefits – Netball is very much a team sport and doesn’t require any individuals to work independently, meaning that everyone involved is part of a team that needs to operate together. This enhances children’s team building skills and allows them to grow in confidence, helping them to develop through childhood and also provide them with skills that will last a lifetime.

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