Saturday 18 November 2017
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Top 3 Most Effective Methods To Medicate

Whether you need cannabis for chronic pain, insomnia, PTSD, or other ailments, you’ll need a solid method to medicate. There are numerous tools and devices available on the market, which makes choosing the right one a headache. Here are the top 3 most effective methods to medicate, so you’ll understand the benefits of each and can choose what works best for you.

#1 Vaporizers

While relatively new to the market, vaporizers provide a unique experience and method for medicating. Vaporizers are possibly the cleanest method of medicating as they do not combust materials. Vaporizers can be set to heat to specific temperatures right before combustion occurs. What this means is that the chemicals you want will turn into vapor and can be inhaled, while tar and other byproducts of combustion are never created.

Vaporizers are also fairly convenient as they are available with a battery and liquid refills. You no longer need to carry around multiple devices as portable vape pens are entirely self-contained. Vaporizers also allow you to use dry herb, liquids, waxes, and other concentrates. While the majority of indoor environments have banned smoking, vaping is still permitted in some of these locations.


#2 Glass Water Pipe

Water pipes are a time tested and effective tool for medication. The biggest advantage of glass water pipes is that smoke is cooled and filtered by water before entering your lungs. This provides one of the smoothest and most comfortable methods of medication possible. Water filtration not only helps cool hot smoke but also leeches out many particulates making for a cleaner and tastier experience.

An added benefit of water pipes is that temperature control is not a concern. Vaporizers must be heated to a specific temperature and can be tricky to navigate. Water pipes are simple burn and go devices that are easy to learn and use. If you’re interested in a quality built and decorative piece, check out for a huge selection of functional pipes. These pieces make great table ware that are also functional tools.

#3 Traditional Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are one of the earliest methods for medication and still work today. They are cheap, convenient to use, and allow you to prepare as many doses as you need in advance. The advantage of having pre-packed sets ready to go makes medication a breeze. Not having to worry about temperature control also makes rolling papers a solid candidate if you’re interested in a stronger potency product. While rolling papers do have a bit of skill curve to perfect, a bit of practice and anyone can learn to use them effectively.

Regardless of if you’ve been medicating for years or have just picked up a prescription to treat a new ailment, you’ll want a solid method that fits your needs. Vaporizers, water pipes, and traditional papers each have their own advantages, so you can choose one or try them all and see which you prefer.

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