Saturday 18 November 2017
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How Strong Are The Side Effects Of Anavar?

To begin with, Anavar is one of those steroid supplements that give you minimal side effects. Even if they inflict, then you can be rest assured they will be extremely mild. On the flipside, no one can vouch that the product is full proof from adverse effects. But in most cases, anyone using the supplement will exclusively enjoy positive results.

First of all, it is important for you to understand about Oxandrolone, the hormone, which is actually Anavar. Once you grip what it is all about, you will understand the side effects better. In most cases, the offshoots occur due to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

The Common Side Effects

Anavar has been derived from DHT. Hence, it is no wonder that even its side effects will be related to it. However, the spinoffs might be dissimilar to that of the other DHT-derived androgenic steroids.


If you are taking this supplement then you might experience breakouts on your skin. You can find acne on the back of your shoulders. You can also find them spreading to your chest, or sometimes, to your face. They can be annoying, for sure. However, a little precaution on your part can go a long way to keep these problems at bay. For example, always keep your skin dry and clean. Make sure that you change your shirt every day. Also, change your clothes frequently after sweating. It is also necessary to take a shower right after you return home after a hot, sweltering working day.

Anavar side effects can negatively affect your testosterone secretions. It occurs due to genetic reasons. Sometimes, DHT causes negative impacts on your hair follicles. This, in turn, leads to hair loss. This can particularly happen if you are already prone to male-pattern baldness. DTH can only accelerate the process. You can hold back the hair-loss phase, with a little bit of precaution. Case in point, you can use a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, which is known as Finasteride to counteract this. You can find them in the brand names like Proscar and Propecia. While Finasteride helps to check receding hairline, it is also a powerful androgen inhibitor. Hence, this is something that you need to take care of.

Cutting Cycle Doses

You can enjoy an enviable ripped body just within 30 days of using it. You need to stack it with the right supplements, however. Any reliable online seller would be more than happy to recommend you the right dosage as per your needs. So whether it comes to don a jaw dropping stature, or a sizzling bikini-ready body, or sculpt that competition-ready body, then try Anavar. It can also be your shortcut to shred that extra fat from your body.

Prostate Enlargement and Anavar

Now let us move onto a more serious DHT-related side effect. It can negatively affect your testosterone secretions. Generally, this can happen to anyone taking massive amount of DHT. However, very rarely will Anavar side effects occur, if you stick to the drug monitoring protocols. It makes sense that you need to steer clear of Anavar if you are already suffering from prostate enlargement issues. Even if it happens, you can resort to Finasteride. Take it for six months to reduce the enlargement to a great extent.

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