Saturday 18 November 2017
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8 Ways  to Maintain Weight

Did you know that only 20% of dieters that end up successfully are able to keep it off in the long term? This is not supposed to discourage you; moreover you should try to look at the reasons and try hard to be in that 20%.

Reasons why you might regain weight

-Restrictive Diet: An extreme diet may slow your metabolism and manipulate your appetite regulating hormones, which both can cause a regain.

-Mindset: If your diet is just a quick fix for you then most probably the weight will return quickly as well. For that reason you need to consider reviewing your diet and your reasons for losing weight.

-Absence of Sustainable Habits: There are many diets that are based on willpower rather than on habits that can be incorporated into your lifestyle. These diets focus on rules and not lifestyle changes, which is the main reason why you regain all the weight once you give up those rules.


  1. Exercise

There are two main factors that are needed to reach energy balance: burning extra calories and increasing metabolism. Regular exercise can can help you do both. Having an energy balance means that you burn the same amount of calories that you take in, helping you maintain your weight.Exercising for at least 30 minutes per day may promote weight maintenance

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

Eating breakfast is the most common behavior reported by people who are successful in maintaining weight. It also helps to develop healthier habits such as exercising and consuming more fiber and micro nutrients.

NOTE: This can depend on the person. If you feel like you can stick to your goals by skipping breakfast go ahead there is no harm in doing it,

  1. Weigh yourself regularly

Weighing yourself can be helpful in a sense that it can keep you aware of your progress and encourage you to control your behavior. Those who weigh themselves may eat less. How often you weigh yourself is your choice. While some people do it daily others prefer to do it once a week.

  1. It’s OK to cheat sometimes

Having unplanned cheat days is unavoidable. There are times when you just give in to that piece of cake or you simply skip a workout, but that does not mean that you should throw your goals out the window.

Be aware that these things happen but also try to stay strong enough not to overdo it and get back on track afterwards.

  1. Drink water

This is one of the most essential steps that can help you not only lose weight but also maintain it. Drinking a proper amount of water gives you the feeling of fullness and may help you eat less.

  1. Sleep

Weight control highly depends on your sleeping habits. In fact, not getting enough sleep is a major risk factor for gaining weight.

Inadequate sleep increases levels of ghrelin(hunger hormone) and decreases levels of leptin which is the necessary hormone for appetite control. Moreover, not sleeping properly makes you tired which means you have less energy and motivation to follow your healthy habits and exercising routine. Sleeping for at least 7 hour will help you avoid these unwanted effects,

  1. Manage your stress

High stress levels can cause weight gain by increasing the amount of cortisol. Consistently elevated amount of this hormone is linked to higher amounts of belly fat together with the increased appetite. Stress is also a trigger for compulsive eating(stress eating). The good news is that stress can be managed  in a lot of ways such as exercising, meditation or yoga.

  1. Mindful Eating

Mindful eating refers to the practice of listening to internal appetite signals and experiencing full concentration during the eating process.

Eat slowly, chew thoroughly so that you can fully experience the taste and aroma of your food. This helps you better understand when you get full.

Choosing your diet is an important preventive action for avoiding weight regain. However, even if you somehow managed to get through with a restrictive diet and lose weight, you should consider these 8 points which can help you maintain your weight. And remember lifestyle changes are always better than short term rules.



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